Rev. Aaron and Valerie Osterbrock International Ministry

Rev. Aaron and Valerie Osterbrock, along with their children Theophilus and Anastasia, were with us this morning to share the exciting details of their upcoming trip to Malaysia.

The Rev. Aaron and Valerie Osterbrock are endorsed to prepare for ministry in theological education in partnership with Sabah Theological Seminary, a historic International Ministries partner, in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. Both Valerie and Aaron are trained as theological educators, and they will work in pastoral training of primarily indigenous students in both English and Bahasa Malay across multiple levels of education. Their active participation in all aspects of seminary life will also encompass leadership in pastoral care family groups. An additional facet of their ministry will include discipling and mentoring pastors as they assist in local church ministry.


Our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, we thank you

and we give you all the praise and glory.

We ask today that you will bless your servants, 

Valerie, Aaron, Theophilus, and Anastasia.

Fill them with the power of your Holy Spirit

as you send them out to be ministers of salvation

and peace to the people of Malaysia.

Make them parables of Jesus Christ, 

and anchor them in our prayers and in your grace. Amen.


Details of their Ministry can be found at .  Currently they have reached 71% of their pledged monetary support.

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