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THE WAY (Lessons from the Holy Land)

THE WAY (Lessons from the Holy Land)

Forty yards. That’s it. Forty yards.The ancient town of Capernaum isn’t readily known as Jesus’ hometown. It’s not Nazareth or even Bethlehem, but for most of Jesus’ ministry, Capernaum appears to have been something of his home base.  Now when Jesus heard that...

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LAND (Lessons from the Holy Land)

LAND (Lessons from the Holy Land)

THE LAND “Don’t forget your water!” blasted the bus’s loudspeaker. It was Day 8 or so of our trip to Israel, and it was hot. Today, we planned to visit the ancient city of Laish, a once-walled fortress about an hour’s drive north of the Sea of Galilee. I had gotten...

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